Bill Domiano's

Endeavor After, LLC

URL: Host: Webhost Python Info: E-commerce site that I built for a local full color digital direct-to-garment company. Take a moment to visit their section on Kyree’s Dream Team. A portion of your purchase in this category goes towards Kyree and the Beachem family.

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Cycle Diner

URL: Host: Webhost Python Info: I have known Tommy and his family for the majority of my lifetime. He came to me with an idea last year that we weren’t able to follow through with, but for his Cycle Diner we implemented a new digital sign and website for him.

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Brian K. Shaffer

URL: & Host: Webhost Python Info: Brian was one of the first website clients that I ever had with his band (kaj). He came to me when he decided that he was going to give voice acting and voice overs a go. He also started a podcast that is ran on this site, as well.

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Prevention Concepts, Inc.

URL: Host: Webhost Python Info: This is a website that I had done some graphic work in the past for. Recently I helped move them to a new web host, domain registrar, and started maintaining the website for them.

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URL: Host: Webhost Python Info: This is a website for a Rottweiler and French Bulldog breeder in Ontario Canada. It is wordpress based.

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ECE Staffing & Consulting

URL: Info: The ECE Staffing and Consulting website was an existing website that we were asked to fixed. It had been hacked and exploited. We did a full reinstall of wordpress on a new webhost. Secured the site and got it up and running again for the client. Host: Webhost Python

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