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Welcome to Bill Domiano’s Web Studio! I am a freelance web & graphic designer who spends the majority of his time teaching K-8th graders computer science in a local private school. I also teach 7th grade science, I am our technology coordinator, and I am the assistant to the administrator. I started my journey in web design, graphic design, & web development in 1995 during my freshman year in college. I have also worked as a computer lab assistant and a web design & computer technician sub contractor for a local computer repair shop. From time to time, I work as a web design sub contractor for Cyanic Design. I specialize in small business, animal breeder, & band websites. My abilities include, but are not limited to: concept development, design, PayPal integration, hand-coding, and user interface design (WordPress, Surreal CMS, & other similar CMS). With a background in computer science & education, I have the ability to not only design a functional website for you, but also to teach you how to update it! I am also available for advertisement design and digital photography.

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